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Pictures Painted by Paul Weller’s Lyrics 2

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The Jam Online Scrapbook Six

Welcome to the sixth online scrapbook about The Jam.  When I put together scrapbook number one early in 2021 I genuinely did not think it would take on such a life of its own! I can’t believe how much memorabilia there is out there and how many interesting stories there are to tell. There are some fantastic pieces included in this post. I hope you will enjoy.  The first item is something incredibly special. In fact, it is so special I would even go so far as to say I feel privileged to be able to include it. When I ran a Twitter poll a while ago to find out what people’s favourite Sound Affects track was, the outright winner was a song considered by many to be the finest song lyrically Paul Weller has written in his entire career. I am of course referring to That’s Entertainment. Even people who aren’t too familiar with The Jam know this song. It is a poetic masterpiece. A montage of images… a snapshot of 80s Britain. The story of how Paul wrote That’s Entertainment in ten minutes afte